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Updated On August 19, 2021

Best Epoxy Garage Floor Coating [2021 Reviews]

by Joseph Scaduto
Best Overall Sealer
Floors Inc Epoxy Flake Floor
Most Affordable
Armorpoxy Armorclad 600
Most Vibrant Colors
Aerocoat High Build Epoxy Floor Coating System

This is our review of the best garage floor coatings in 2021.

The best garage floor coating kits are durable, easy to install, and cost-effective.

Garages can be a mess, and sadly, we’ve found that some garage floor coatings don’t help that cause

What good is garage floor paint if it falls victim to hot tire pickup and peels on you, right?

I’m a professional epoxy floor coatings installer and I’ve been installing industrial-grade garage floor epoxy coatings for the last 5 years.

After testing all of the different epoxy coating kits that you can buy without a professional license, I found the best options for your garage flooring if you plan to do it yourself.

I found the Floorinc Flake Epoxy Garage Kit to be the clear winner.

We review all of the different coating options below so you can make your own decision!

  1. Epoxy Flake Coating (Voted Best Overall Floor Coating)
  2. Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Coating (Most Durable Floor Coating)
  3. Armorpoxy Armorclad 600 (Most Comprehensive Kit)
  4. Solid Color Floor (Best garage floor coating without flakes)
  5. Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating (Best For Marble Designer Garage Floors)
  6. Supercoat Deco-Effect Coating (Cheapest Garage Floor System)
  7. EPOXY-COAT FULL KIT (Honorable Mention)
  8. Rust-Oleum EpoxySHield (Garage Floor Coating Company With Most History)
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  • 1. Floors Inc Epoxy Flake Floor

    Floors Inc supplies an extremely durable and industrial grade epoxy floor coating. The materials they have are the same level of epoxy floor applicators that do large commercial spaces.

    It’s important to notice the level and selection of coatings provided by floorsinc.

    Floors inc offers an industrial low VOC epoxy coating that is better than 90% of the other products out there.

    Floorsinc epoxy coating is different from a normal epoxy coating
    This epoxy coating because it is not mixed with paint and it has two parts 100% solids epoxy and a hardener to it. This is a sign of an extremely durable surface coating.

    Price range for floorsinc flake epoxy floor.
    The 1 car garage varies from around $300 a kit to $900 for a larger garage in metallic colors.

    Similar brands to Floorsinc
    Floorsinc epoxy coating is similar to that of Epoxy2u which you can only buy if you are a distributor or licensed professional.

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  • 2. Armorpoxy Armorclad 600

    This is a serious kit. It comes with everything and it has some great range in terms of what it can do. It also all comes in one system so it doesn’t need to be mixed the same way. I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to systems that don’t need mixing but there is no doubt about it, the All-in-one epoxy kit systems are a neat solution for home and office owners who want to get the job done with as little hassle as possible. This system really is great, the only downside is that it is a bit pricey for those who want a basic garage floor kit.

    Armorpoxy flake colors

    This system hasseveral base colors – white, red, beige, orange, and safety yellow. The decorative chips are available in a huge range of colors. You’re entitled to three different fleck colors with each purchase of the 600 kit.

    The designation 600 stands for 600 square feet – the area covered. Armorpoxy also offers the Armorclad system in a smaller 300 square feet kit.

    It should be noted that the red, beige and white options need to be applied in two coats, requiring additional cans of epoxy. Orange and Safety Yellow can be applied in only one coat for the full 600 square feet coverage as rated.

    What’s to like about the Armorpoxy Armorclad 600
    The kit includes the 2-part epoxy (100% solids), Armorpoxy’s proprietary ArmorEtch etching solution, UltraGlaze (1-part non-yellowing, industrial-grade clear topcoat), non-skid additive, mechanical mixer, application squeegee, mixing sticks, rubber gloves, decorative chips, brush, and roller pad.

    What’s not to like about the Armorpoxy Armorclad 600
    The issue with this kit is that the base colors cannot seem to cover the full 600 square feet as it is hoped to be. It is also considered to be pricey compared to others.

    All-in-one flooring system
    Includes tools
    Works best on concrete floors
    6 lbs. of decorative chips included

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  • Aerocoat High Build Epoxy Floor Coating System

    In terms of intended use, epoxy kits can be divided into two main categories – home and professional. The former is made for lighter foot/vehicle traffic and is usually less resilient.

    The latter tends to be harder to work with but lasts longer. The Aerocoat High Build Epoxy is a professional floor coating designed for single-ply applications.

    The High Build Epoxy is made for both interior and exterior in residential or commercial settings. It works best as a concrete floor finish. Since it is a high-build mixture, it should be applied in a single, thick coat.

    The Aerocoat High Build Epoxy is a two-component kit. Part A is a self-leveling, 93% solids resin, while part B is the hardener. Two parts resin to one part hardener is the manufacturer’s recommended mixture.

    The package includes one can of 101-3 resin, one can of 101-3 hardener, a 6-gallon pail, pair of vinyl gloves, one-gallon mixer, 3” chip brush, 9” roller frame, and 9” roller cover.

    What’s to like about the Aerocoat High Build Epoxy Floor Coating System

    Aerocoat offers the High Build Epoxy kits in various colors, including white, beige, tile red, light gray, dark gray, and more.

    The High Build is a two-in-one primer and topcoat kit with a high gloss finish. It should be noted that the decorative chips have to be bought separately.

    What’s not to like about the Aerocoat High Build Epoxy Floor Coating System

    This coating system was found to not be suitable for wooden floors. And also with its glossy finish, it is not for everyone’s taste.


    • Professional-grade epoxy
    • Necessary tools included
    • Enough epoxy for a 2.5-car garage
    • One-coat application


    • Decorative chips sold separately
    • Glossy finish might not be to everyone’s taste
    • Doesn’t work well with wood floors


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  • Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

    Together with the quality and longevity, an epoxy floor coating also has to be easy on the eyes. The Supercoat DecoEffects is among the best options if you’re looking for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing cover for your floor. Also, it is on the affordable side, offering a good ratio of quantity and price.

    Arabian Night is one of several available finishes. The remaining options have equally exotic names – Atlantis Blue, Spanish Red, and Turkish Rose, to name a few.

    Each option comes with a unique blend of multicolored decorative chips that give it an appealing holographic effect. The Arabian Night option is packed with white and bright-colored pieces.

    Likewise, it can be used to cover office, workshop, and gym floors. You can treat both concrete and wood floors with the DecoEffects epoxy.

    Similar to many other epoxy covers, the Supercoat DecoEffects is a two-component system. The Part “A” cans are 29.7oz while the Part “B” cans are 72.7oz. The two-component hardener is also included.

    The “A” part is packed in a ¾ gallon can, while the “B” component comes in a ¼ gallon can. The hardener is water-based and colorless. The working temperature range is 60°-95° Fahrenheit, and the full cure time is 10 hours.

    The package includes two cans of “Part A” epoxy and two cans of “Part B” epoxy. There’s also one can of “Part A” and one can of “Part B” hardener.

    One bag of Cleaner & Degreaser and one bag of NonSkid Additive are also included. Decorative chips complete the package.

    What’s to like about the Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

    The DecoEffects epoxy is made for a wide variety of floors, including living and professional settings. At home, you can apply it pretty much anywhere from the basement and garage to the living quarters.

    What’s not to like about the Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

    The issue for this kit is that it cannot be used when it is under 60degrees.


    • Good quantity/price ratio
    • Decorative chips included
    • Polyurethane hardener included
    • Cures quickly
    • Compatible with wood and concrete floors


    • Can’t be used when it’s under 60°
    • Average coverage per gallon

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  • EPOXY-COAT Full kit

    Out of the whole batch, this wasn’t really our favorite floor coating for garages. It comes with a lot of stuff but it’s a little on the pricey side. It also got a lot of negative customer reviews and after checking it out, we kindof saw why. Here are the details on the packaging and we’ll leave it to you to make your own decision.

    While not as durable as other flooring options, a good epoxy kit needs to provide long-lasting and reliable results. The EPOXY-COAT Full Kit is one of the best options out there for home and business owners looking for great coverage and short drying time. The Full Kit also has a wide application temperature range.

    The Full Kit is available in many colors, including taupe, black, blue, clear, green, orange, red, smoke blue, tan, beige, tile red, white, and yellow. All color options come with decorative chips in a different color.

    When it comes to the recommended application, EPOXY-COAT is intended for both home and commercial use. At home, it can be used in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as garages, basements, and patios.

    On the commercial side, it can be applied to office and workshop floors. Also, it can be applied to both concrete and wood floors.

    Whether you opt to cover a concrete or wood floor, you will need to thoroughly prepare the surface before application. Once the floor is ready, the epoxy can be applied quickly.

    The kit includes a can of base and a can of activator, as well as extras and tools needed for the application. A bag of decorative chips is also included.

    What’s to like about the EPOXY-COAT Full kit

    Usually, one coat is enough for a long-lasting result. One kit can cover up to 500 square feet and the rated temperature range is 40°-90° Fahrenheit. The Full Kit is recommended for indoor use.

    What’s not to like about the EPOXY-COAT Full kit

    This kit is not recommended for outdoor use. With its glossy finish, it might not be for everyone’s taste.


    • One package covers up to 500 square feet
    • Wide temperature range
    • Tools are included
    • Great for indoor application
    • Works on wood and concrete floors


    • Not recommended for outdoor use
    • Glossy finish might not be to everyone’s taste

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  • Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield

    Rust-Oleum has been around for over 70 years and it’s for a reason. The Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield is one of the best epoxy garage floor coating options because it is a true 100% solids epoxy system with two parts A and B and it covers a large square foot area for the price. among the most affordable epoxy options. It is a professional-class coating for a semi-gloss finish and a wide range of customization options. This is our best garage floor coating value because of the price and level of coating. It doesn’t come with enough flakes to cover the entire floor so you will haveto buy extra flakes if you want a full color flake covering on the floor. Other than that, you really can’t go wrong with Rust-oleum epoxyshield. It comes in a variety of colors including dark gray – there are 3 other finishes.

    In terms of resilience, the Epoxy Shield can withstand a wide range of chemicals, such as standing water, gasoline, and oil. Also, it can put up with a heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The manufacturer claims that the floor can be ready for foot traffic one day after the application and vehicle traffic four days after.

    In the customization department, the Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield can be combined with a solid base color. You can also throw decorative chips into the mix if you want to make the garage or workshop floor less slippery. Finally, you can add a top coat for a smoother, glossier finish.

    The Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield is a two-component epoxy consisting of a base and an activator. The package contains one gallon of the activator and one gallon of the base component. Also, a bag of decorative chips is included.

    What’s to like about the Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield

    Due to the high-solids solvent, this epoxy is great for covering garage floors, workshops, and basements. That being said, the Epoxy Shield can also be used in houses and apartments. It covers up to 200 square feet per gallon, which is a pretty respectable feat.

    What’s not to like about the Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield

    This kind of epoxy floor coating has a varying color different from one kit to another.


    • One kit covers up to 400 sq. feet
    • Decorative chips included
    • Ready after one day
    • Affordable


    • Color may vary slightly from kit to kit

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FAQ’s about garage floor coatings

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about buying and installing epoxy floor kits.

  • Is epoxy paint different than epoxy coating?

    Yes, epoxy paint is an acryllic with a small amount of resinous epoxy in it. An epoxy coating is 100% solids epoxy that is more durable and will serve you much better in the long run.

  • What should I do if I’m Worried About Installing The Epoxy Coating?

    Epoxy Coating is fairly easy to install and can be done in one day. You just have to follow the steps correctly. Making sure the garage is clean and the concrete floor is prepped is the biggest part. Read our epoxy coating guides if you are nervous about installation.

  • Do I need a concrete grinding machine to install epoxy?

    It depends on the condition of your existing concrete. If you have major deterioration on the floor and moisture or oil stains, you might want to consider hand grinding that part of the floor. Otherwise, for all standard concrete floor slabs, an etching agent that comes with the epoxy kit will work fine.

  • Why are garage floor paints cheaper than epoxy coating?

    Paint is cheaper than the hard wearing 100% epoxy solids material that epoxy coating is made of. Concrete garage floors can be coated with paint but they don’t do as well as epoxy coatings and you may haveto replace them every two to three years. Read our full guide on epoxy paint vs epoxy floor coatings if you have questions.

  • Can I apply an epoxy coating if my concrete surface is cracking?

    Garage floor coatings that have a full flake broadcast cover up a lot of cracks. Still, you will want to fill the cracks in your garage floor before applying the garage floor coating.

  • How do you apply epoxy color flakes work?

    Before the epoxy primer is dry, you want to broadcast the color flakes into the wet epoxy so they stick. If you want a full flake coverage, then keep tossing the flakes into the epoxy. Put on your spiked shoes and push any extra flakes off the epoxy after it has dried. FInally, apply your final coat which is a thin coat that goes over the epoxy. Not all kits have this.

  • How many epoxy kit systems do I need?

    It’s recommended to get slightly more epoxy coating than you need at the time. If something happens to the floor, you can always sand it down and reapply the epoxy resin to the concrete slab. High-quality epoxy has a good spread rate, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in case you spill or have a small accident that leaves you needing extra decorative flakes or more primer coat.

  • My garage floor has floor paint already on it that is peeling, what should I do?

    It’s time to get a hand grinder and some knee pads. Grind the existing coating off the floor, acid etch and then apply the new coating to your garage floor.

  • Are epoxy floors the most durable system for a concrete garage floor?

    Yes, epoxy floors are extremely durable and stand the test of time. If you get a true epoxy coating and prep the floor correctly so the epoxy bonds to the concrete, it could outlast your lifetime. Garage floor mats work well also but they do not stand up to chemical spills the same way epoxy does.

  • What chemicals are in epoxy floor coatings?

    The best garage floor coatings have a one part epoxy which is a solvent based epoxy (part A) and a hardender (part b). When the epoxy is combined with the hardener a chemical reaction occurs that makes the epoxy one of the most durable surface coatings that exist. Concrete paint on the other hand is made up of acrylic paint and a little bit of epoxy resin mixed in. This type of epoxy does not have two parts and is not the best epoxy floor coating if you are looking for a durable floor because it can come up if you drive over it with hot tires.


Our Verdict On The Best Epoxy Kit

Garage floors need a durable coating which is why we selected the flake epoxy floor by floorsinc as the best garage floor coating.

I have installed that coating on hundreds of garage floors and it stands the test of time. Epoxy coatings do not all have the same chemical makeup and selecting one based on price can come back to bit you.

Concrete floor coatings can be fun and look amazing. Have fun, get the best epoxy coating you can and most importantly, enjoy your garage floor once you are done! provides highly digestible energy. If they don’t eat food that meets their nutritional needs, they are susceptible to hypoglycemia.

Joseph Scaduto

Joseph is a professional floor installer that has been in the resinous and epoxy industry for many years. Joe was certified to install epoxy floors by xtreme polishing systems in Florida and runs infinity epoxy floors in long island.