Guide To Temporary Floor Protection During Moving or Construction

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There are different reasons why you need to protect your floor. You may have, tile, carpet, or another hard surface, but there are specific temporary floor protection products that will work best for you. Some common types of temporary floor protection include masonite, Ram board, and other durable plastic floor protection options.

When you are investing in a construction project, you will need to be sure that your floors are protected. Below is a description of some of the best temporary floor protection options. They will help you make a good decision. Note that, it is wise to get in the habit of considering the type of flooring you have, whether it’s new concrete, marble, or laminate. Many types of temporary floor protection work well across all flooring types including ones that experience heavy traffic leaving them looking new after the construction project.

Why is floor protection important?

Why is it important for you to keep your home floors protected? Why do you need floor protection during construction? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you decide on what you need, be it plastic, Ram board protection, or Masonite products.


Contractors prefer floor protection during construction projects. It is recommended to place a durable temporary floor protection product before you start your construction project. Depending on the situation of your construction project, and the type of temporary floor protection tools and products you plan on using on your different types of flooring,e.g. wood floors, you can use anything from plastic to paper, to cover your floors. Keep in mind factors such as your budget, ease of installation, and space to make your choice.

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Invest in temporary floor protection covering that will collect debris for disposal. If you think that your floor may take some heavy hits during construction, invest in something durable. The kind of floor protection you may need to use on your floors to keep them safe during the duration of your remodeling project and looking good as new will determine how safe you protect them.

One of the leading brands in temporary floor protection is Ram board. Most Ram board products are designed with patented technology (all rights reserved ) that will guarantee you complete heavy-duty protection on your floors, despite the types of flooring you have. You can contact us by giving us a call today to get the best prices. Use your email address to subscribe to our newsletters too! ( Copyright 2020)

There’s a great list of construction floor protection products that are designed to suit any occasion. These are,

Ram board benefits

Ram board floor protection products are made with the following in mind,

  • Affordability-Ram board solutions are quite affordable and can also be custom ordered depending on your needs.
  • Efficiency-Ram board is easy to install and durable, it stays in place.
  • Quick installation- Ram board materials are easy to lay even with no experience.
  • Re-usability– Ram board products are reusable. They can be used for different temporary floor protection projects over and over.

Ram board products also come with the spill guard technology (all rights reserved) which is engineered to protect your floors against, water, grime, paint, and other types of debris.

Ram board products

Ram board products invite customers to an experience that is revolutionary in protecting their floors.

They include,

  • The Ram board painter’s board.

The Ram board painter’s board is a revolutionary Ram board floor covering product that introduces reliable temporary floor protection for any large painting products while protecting floors. It is made with layers of durable materials that act as a sponge to soak up spills. It will also protect your floors from being prone to drips and drops and won’t tear with use.

  • Ram board

Ram board is the pioneer heavy duty construction floor protection option. It has patented technology such as Wall Guard, exclusive Spill Guard technology,(all rights reserved), and Vapor cure. This means, that the Ram board will get rid of cure lines and protect your surfaces against any form of damage. It will also prevent spills from ever touching your concrete floors ( because of the exclusive spill guard technology. This product is FSC certified and will not stain or damage your floors.

  • The Ram board plus

Ram board plus is a great new addition to the Ram board product line. The Ram board plus offers great temporary floor protection for many types of floors e.g. concrete. Ram board plus comes pre-taped and this makes it faster to install as a temporary floor protection option. It saves time and comes with all the features of the original Ram board, making it a preferred choice for your many construction projects.

  • Home edition

The home edition brings out the Ram board feature that makes it easy to take home in pre-made roles. It is easy to lay on the existing floors during construction projects and won’t stain when used as a temporary floor protection product. This flooring product is a lighter version of the original Ram board. This makes it a great choice to protect new floors, for small DIY projects, such as construction. It saves you money on damage repair costs, on your existing flooring. Many Ram board products are heavy-duty and suitable for protecting floors. They are a good way to temporarily protect floors that require any hard surface protection including vinyl, and hardwood. The home edition is lightweight and will offer the ultimate temporary protection to existing floors during construction.

Masonite floor protection

This is extremely durable and easy to install. It is heavy duty and one of the most flexible temporary floor protection options which are also quite dense. Any masonite products come with built-in protection that will protect your floor against any kind of damage during construction. There are many flooring protection materials on the market that contain masonite and come in large rolls that can be easily laid out flat while protecting floors. They require little to no installation.

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  • Tempered masonite- plywood

Masonite is constructed from plywood fibers. It is a durable temporary protection flooring option. This is a good recommendation for high-end construction projects that require a lot of temporary protection on the floors because of moving e.g. furniture around. Regular masonite is usually steam cooked and this contributes to its flexibility. It is then molded under pressure and placed over a layer of rosin paper to protect finished floors,e.g. concrete. Tempered masonite is a reliably durable board that is made through molding while using extreme heat and pressure. These aspects create a flexible yet dense board that can bend into curves without cracking.

  • Rosin paper

Rosin paper (brown or red) goes hand-in-hand with masonite. It offers an extra layer of protection to prevent any moving between your concrete floor and the masonite. It’s not reliable on its own as it stains and tears easily.

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Benefits of Masonite

  • Environmental friendliness– Masonite is made from recycled wood and other options. It is reusable and gentle as a floor protection choice on the environment and your construction project’s cost.
  • Flexibility-masonite’s flexibility makes it versatile to utilize many kinds of flooring surfaces. It can be bent to form curves without breaking. It is also quick and easy to install.
  • Affordability– Masonite products are cheaper than wood and other plastic options. This is because it’s made out of recycled products. It is one of the cheaper options available.
  • Durability -due to its flexibility and dense nature, masonite becomes quite durable when it is subjected to direct impact, it is not damaged. It is also waterproof, will deflect and absorb spills to protect your floors keeping them looking new.

Masonite is versatile enough to work with any kind of floor. Many contractors, home owners, and DIY enthusiasts like to use masonite while they are painting walls, investing in building and remodeling projects, and moving furniture. A small mistake like dropping your hammer can ruin your concrete floor and cost you thousands of dollars in labor and repair costs. Instead of taking that risk, invest in heavy duty protection products that will protect your floor by sealing them against any potential harm.

Recycled materials and wood are not the only good floor protection options. There are paper and plastic options that will efficiently help you protect your floors as well. If you’re in search of a quick and affordable temporary floor covering, take a look at the plastic floor protection options available.

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Available plastic floor protection options

Plastic construction floor protection options are a great alternative to masonite and Ram board. Many Ram board projects will include plastic materials, and masonite, made of recycled materials and wooden fibers. However, there exist different options that will be great for protecting vinyl, carpets, and other hardwood floors that do not sit well underneath a material similar to masonite.

Advantages of plastic floor protection

The benefits of plastic flooring options can suit your specific needs. This is indeed true if the area you’re working on has vinyl tiles, non wood surfaces, or shag carpets. Available products such as vinyl mats and roll-out film will protect your floors in a better fashion than a thicker board may.

Advantages of plastic films, sheets, and mats include,

  • Consistent masking– Many hard surface protection films and sheets will completely cover your flooring and offer thin yet sturdy protection for the whole room. This is a great choice for a project where you can expect a lot of debris.
  • Carpet protection-Flat plastic film is a good product to protect carpets, as it will not offer any stains or damage to your carpet like red rosin paper would. It is a good floor covering to protect carpet.
  • Affordability– Plastic films, sheets, and mats are cheap. These sheets are also transparent and will allow you to see your flooring as you work.
  • Underlayment- Plastic floor protectors can also work as an underlayment. This is true for the rubber and the integrity of ceramic, and tile floors. This temporary flooring will protect the floor from moving furniture keeping it good as new for a long time.

Plastic protection options are also reusable on another day (e.g. on moving day), and long-lasting. In the long run, this move to get them will save you time and money and keep your surfaces looking new.

Plastic floor protection products

  • Carpet protection film

This plastic film product is thin in nature and adheres to any surface. It leaves the surface looking new without leaving behind any damage or marks. It works great to protect a carpeted floor product, when you lay the plastic film on top, you keep your carpets safe from paint, water damage, and debris. You do not need any tools to install it as it is self-adhesive and will not move.

  • Hard floor protection film

Similar to the carpet protection film, it that can be used to protect hardwood floors like, vinyl, concrete, marble, and tile. It protects the surface against dirt and debris and also moisture, keeping it looking good as new. It is also easy to install.

  • Runner mats

These are great temporary floor covering used in any situation. They protect carpeted floors against dirt and water, and general wear and tear. Many homeowners are using clear vinyl mats for carpet protection when placing heavy furniture or chairs. It is also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Sticky mats

These are some of the best floor protection solutions for rooms where sanitation is required. The sticky mat removes dust and debris from your shoes when you walk by. This surface protection option is easy to lay down on any hard surface, will not move, and requires no installation.

Prevent unwanted damage by choosing floor protection

Despite having carpet or hard flooring surfaces, you will find the most appropriate protection options to suit your needs and protect floors. When looking for your next construction or renovation project,e.g. after moving houses, do keep in mind what type of flooring you are working with e.g. concrete or tile, as well as your budget and sanitation requirements. Make sure to look at the temporary floor protection options discussed above. You will gain a better understanding of what temporary floor protection option works best in different scenarios. This will assist you to narrow down to the right choice for your need for floor protection during construction. If you are in doubt contact us and give us a call today!

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