Spiked Shoes For Epoxy Review

By Joseph Scaduto | Garage Floor Coating Reviews

Dec 27
Spiked Shoes For Epoxy Review
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Quick Overview






  • Spikes are 1-1/2 inch and made with steel which are positioned to distribute weight across the shoe. 
  • Back stop on shoe to prevent work boots from sliding or slipping out of the shoe.
  • Two different adjustable nylon straps to secure work boots in the straps
  • Sold with two shoes, one for each foot.
  • 13 steel spikes


  • Can be awkward to get the hang of walking in
  • One Size fits all, making someone with smaller feet have a larger area to walk on

After doing all of the hard concrete prep work, It would be a shame to have your entire job ruined by walking over the epoxy application with regular shoes which will leave indents. You can protect your work and at the same time, pop air bubbles with your spiked shoes. Spiked shoes are a necessity for any epoxy job. These spiked shoes by gunite contain thirteen 1-1/2 inch long steel spikes and are positioned around the hard plastic base of the shoe to help balance and distrubute weight when walking on epoxy material once they have been applied to the floor surface.

The back of each shoe has a built in back that allows work boots to comfortably strap into the spiked shoe. There are also two adjustable nylon straps that are made to securely strap around the work boot and hold the spikes in place for comfortable walking.  The nylon straps contain Plastic clasps which cut down on loosening while they are being worn. The overall show length is 12 inches and can be worn by someone with larger or smaller shoe sizes. The spikes shoes for epoxy come in a pack with two sets of shoe spikes. One size fits almost all shoe sizes.

Spike Shoes For Epoxy Floor Application

Spike Shoes for epoxy elevate you above the epoxy coating and touch down onto the concrete, penetrating through your epoxy material application. The spikes are made thin enough so the epoxy will return and adhere back leaving no trace that someone was walking over the epoxy floor coating material. Spike shoes for epoxy are designed so you can work without ruining your design. They work for metallic epoxy floors and flake epoxy floors. The spike shoes generally contain 13 spikes that are tapered at the ends of the metal spike to make sure the smallest amount of surface is touched as possible. Spikes are generally at least are 25mm tall keeping you well above the surface while still gripping the floor beneath.  If you keep your spiked sandals clean, they will last for hundreds of jobs if not thousands. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing spiked sandals for epoxy floor installation is that they haveto be long enough to elevate you above the surface coatings. Simply clean off the spikes after every use before storing them.

Who is this product for?

These spike sandals are for anyone that installs epoxy floors. DIY home improvement specialist and contractors both wear the same shoes. There is no difference.  

How to use it

This part is pretty simple, just open up the nylon straps and insert your work booth into the spiked shoe. Once you have your boot inside the spiked shoe, simply make sure that the heel of your boot is fixed up against the plastic backstop of the sandal. After that, strap the two nylon straps over your boot and make sure the plastic lock is shut. After that, you are ready to walk over your epoxy floor. Don't run in these shoes, walk carefully. It isn't quite like walking on stilts, but you still haveto be careful. 

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