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Supercoat Decoeffects Epoxy Floor Coating Review

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Super coat Deco Effects Epoxy Floor Coating has been around since early in 2015 and is currently manufactured by Milamar Coatings. Milamar produces a broad range of finishing and coating products which are also used in industries such as aviation, automotive and construction.

Super coat Deco Effects is designed to give floors a visual appearance like no other with color and effects options to suit, while at the same time providing a robust and durable surface.


Super Coat Deco Effects Epoxy Floor Coating Review

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Super Coat Deco Effects Epoxy Floor Coating Review

Super coat Deco Effects Floor Coating is a professional-grade epoxy coating that can provide protection for your floor while at the same time make it look very eye-catching.

  • Good quantity/price ratio
  • Decorative chips included
  • Polyurethane hardener included
  • Cures quickly
  • Compatible with wood and concrete floors
  • Can’t be used when it’s under 60°
  • Average coverage per gallon

Who is this product for?

Supercoat DecoEffects will either appeal to professional flooring installers, or to those who have the desire to make whatever floor they are coating as visually appealing as possible. In other words, this is not for someone who wants a cheap, basic one-color floor coating.

As with any floor coating, there is a degree of preparation required, and the mixing and application processes need to be followed carefully. For this reason, it is not a product for someone who hates DIY.

What’s included?

The entire kit will come in a box which will contain the items listed below. It should be noted that none of the tools or accessories required to work with these is supplied so it is advisable that you check what you’ll need.

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You will most likely need to add protective gloves, a mixing stick, a roller tray, a roller head, a brush and a wire brush as a minimum

Here is the list of included items:

  • 1 packet of cleaning/degreasing agent
  • 2 cans of resin (Part A)
  • 2 cans of hardener (Part B)
  • 1 can of urethane glaze resin
  • 1 can of urethane glaze hardener
  • 1 packet anti-skid additives
  • 1 packet decorative flakes

Overview of features

The main features of Super coat Deco Effects are its protective qualities and the options it has to enhance the look of your flooring. It adheres to the concrete very well and once set it will prevent peeling and blistering caused by moisture, heat or spillages.

In terms of protecting your floor, the coating can cover up to 400-500 sq. ft and will resist chemical, gas and oil spills. With the inclusion of the anti-slip additive, it is also safe for walking on too.

Perhaps its most notable feature is the appearance that it offers, with options for solid colors, decorative or reflective flakes and for a gloss finish too. This makes it suitable for more than just garage floors, and therefore other possibilities for its use in commercial settings come to the fore.

How to use it

Having read all of the instructions, the first job is going to be to prepare the floor. This may include removing an existing coating or sealant which can be quite a large job and almost certainly requires a power sander.

Other preparations include removing surface debris such as paint or putty, as well as thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the floor.

Once the floor has been washed and allowed to dry completely, the next step is to mix the resin and hardener for three minutes. When properly mixed you can add the anti-skid additive and mix it in.

You have three options when applying the coating which will each give the finished floor a different appearance. These are 1] solid color, 2] decorative flakes and 3] glaze coat.

For the solid color there is nothing you need to add, and once applied you simply allow the coating to set which should take around 12 hours for just foot traffic, and if vehicles are to be parked on the surface you should allow up to 72 hours.

If you want to add the decorative flakes, instead of applying the floor coating to the entire floor as in option No. 1, you do it in sections of around 3 feet x 3 feet.

For a glazed effect which gives you a gloss finish, it can be done with or without the flakes having been previously scattered. Once the initial coat has fully set, you then apply the glaze across its surface using a roller head.




Supercoat DecoEffects is an excellent epoxy floor coating for those who wish to give their garage or other concrete floor an enhanced appearance. It’s suitable for domestic or commercial use and provides a strong and durable protective coating which will last.

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