About Floorshields

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The trend to improve floors through increasing durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal has never been greater. Floorshields exists to provide the best and most up to date information in the flooring and resinous epoxy coating industry.

Our Purpose

Floorshields purpose is to educate homeowners, contractors, builders, and designers, and DIY’rs on popular decorative concrete techniques and applications.

Editorial Guidelines

Floorshields has thousands of articles written by industry professionals. If you haven’t installed a floor as a job, you can’t publish an article on floorshields. By ensuring that all articles are published by certified professionals, we are able to provide quality insights to our readers. We work with and product suppliers and industry professionals to provide comprehensive resources and product recommendations. Floorshields is independently operated and not related to any contractor, manufacturer, or supplier. Floorshields offers the most comprehensive online resource for authoritative information, concrete resurfacing, epoxy floors, garage floors, and all floor options.

Floorshields is independent and not related (or beholden) to any contractor, manufacturer, or supplier.

Advertising Policies

If you are interested in advertising with floorshields, please submit an inquiry through the contact page.