Decorative Concrete

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Concrete is not just a necessary building material but can be used to beautify certain structures. Decorative concrete makes use of the construction medium in ways that still serve its function while also adding an aesthetic element like floors and patios.

What is decorative concrete?

Concrete has been used in construction for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that concrete took on a new purpose: decorative. The use of this medium is not simply to fulfill its function as an integral part of a building itself like floors or walls; now, architects and designers are using concrete even when there’s no need for more structural support because they recognize how much aesthetic value can be added by incorporating different colors into their design process.

What are the most common types of decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete can be easily created from dye’s and stains. There are also many different finishes to concrete like broom finish, stamped concrete, polished concrete, exposed aggregate and concrete overlays commonly used on pool decks. These finishes can add a unique asthetic dimension to a previously dull grey concrete floor and add many different useful additions like waterproofing, slip additives and other great features.

Decorative Concrete Ideas

Concrete has come a long way from its days of being seen as plain, grey and boring. From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to budgeted one room remodels showcasing stunning stained concrete floors, the attraction is continuing to grow when it comes to using this material for decorating purposes.
Concrete designs are one of the hot trends in home décor right now. And these aren’t your typical cement blocks that have been around since ancient times – they’re colorful tiles layered on top of each other like art pieces! Colorful finishes such as slate or black marble can be applied over regular-colored tile making any design imaginable possible without ever having paint touch them again. Now you can get creative designing intricate mosaic stamps.

Decorative Concrete Advice Reviews Tips and Guides

Decorative Concrete can be difficult but we help to simplify the process. Our goal is to provide the best expert advice and product reviews so homeowners and contractors can have a seamless decorative concrete installation process and enjoy their new floor surface.

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Decorative Concrete Reviews

What is decorative concrete?

Regardless if you have the classic bare concrete surface, you’ll want to have the best stains and dye applications to your concrete surface. Once you’ve found the right one, you can think about adding some more handy equipment.

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