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What’s your drive in considering floor protection? Well, how do you feel about protecting your floors? Once you know the answers to these questions, it will help you decide on what floor covering option you will need to back your floor with.

Many contractors will prefer to seek temporary floor protection for various construction projects, from remodeling to painting. It is advisable to install a durable floor protection material. Depending on what you intend to use your space for, consider factors such as budget, space, and ease of installation to finalize your choice.

If you expect that the floor will be collecting a large amount of paint and debris, make sure to invest in proper temporary floor protection covering that will properly collect the debris for disposal. If your floor takes some forceful hits or large amounts of weight, you will need to invest in more durable floor covers. A good kind of construction or floor covering protection will ensure that your floors and carpets are safe and secure during the duration of your remodeling or construction project.

Reasons to cover your floors

best protective floor coverings


There are a couple of reasons you may need to protect your floor, e.g., in a home or a gymnasium with a good floor cover. They accommodate large crowds, which are far beyond traditional sporting events. The size and central location of a gymnasium will make it ideal for concerts, banquets, and other such events. Some facilities may be hesitant to host these events as the concern for potential damage to the expensive wood floor is always a cause of alarm. There are options of floor covers to protect the gym floors, however, with various floor coverings that are protective in nature. This kind of product option will allow for high-traffic events .e.g. sporting events, while still protecting the excellent condition of the particular gym floors.

When you look at a protective gym floor cover, you will find that the list may seem overwhelming. However, you want an option of a floor cover that is easy to put up, durable, and cost-effective.

Plastic floor protection products

One way to protect your floors, e.g., in the home during remodeling or construction, is by using plastic floor covers protection products. Some popular choices that are rights reserved are discussed below.

Carpet protection film

This is a roll of thin plastic film that adheres to any surface in your home without leaving any marks or damaging the floor covering. It is among the best floor covers that protect carpeted floors in your home as it keeps a carpet safe from debris, paint, and water damage. It requires no tools to install and stays perfectly in place once it’s laid out. It is related to its hard floor protection film counterpart.

Hard floor protection film

This film can be used to protect your hard surface flooring such as marble, tile, vinyl, and concrete in your home. It is related to its plastic relative. It is used to protect the surfaces against dirt, moisture, and other debris. It is one of the easier options to set up similar to the carpet protection film.

Runner mats

These are great temporary floor coverings that are used in almost any situation. It is among the great options for protecting carpet floors and tiles against dirt and water and general wear and tear. Many home users use clear vinyl mats for carpet protection when using an office chair or any such heavy furniture pieces. They are also aesthetically pleasing.

Sticky mats

Sticky mats offer the best floor protection solutions for areas where sanitation is key. If you work in a special environment that needs to be sterile, a sticky mat will remove dust and debris from your shoes as you walk by. They do not require any installation and can be laid down easily on any hard surface. e.g., tiles

High traffic floor coverings

The floor protection choice that you choose should correspond with the surface’s use to be covered to get good results. In high traffic areas, e.g., in a gymnasium, the right kind of special flooring should be chosen to protect the surface from high traffic and damage.

Below are the different types of coverings, with some providing better protection than others.

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Tarp floor covers

Tarp floor covers are among the desirable types of a gym floor cover option. They are inexpensive in price and will allow you to save and get your investment back. They are easy to fix and lightweight to store. They come in a variety of colors and are tear-resistant. They are also designed to be among the best options to stand up to foot traffic. However lightweight in nature, a commercial tarp is heavy-duty enough to allow the laydown of tables and chairs on the gym floor without the worry of it moving back around too much while causing wear and tear to the gym floor.

One thing to consider while choosing the best gym floor cover is the tarp’s fabric’s durability. Coatings on the tarp provide for slip prevention and even fire retardation. This gym flooring also provides for whether or not sizing is well customizable or standard. If a gym floor will require to be covered frequently, a heavy-duty option will be a better choice.

Vinyl protective gym floor covers

This is an ultra-protective and durable gym floor covering. The vinyl gym floor cover is among the best and quite popular, and many facilities get it for their gym floors. It is PVC coated, slip-resistant, and fire retardant. It is made easy to put up as it provides easy handling, allowing just a couple of people to place it and put it well back in storage.

It results in a strong flat smooth surface. A Vinyl floor covering comes in an array of sizes and weights. They are typically mildew resistant and waterproof. They are also antibacterial and antifungal. You will only require to get a broom to clean before storage.

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Protective carpet tiles

Large carpet tiles are among the desirable gym floor covering products. These flooring products (carpet tiles) require no adhesive. They are stylish and comfortable, easy to set up on a gym floor, and easy to remove. This gym floor cover product is among the best flooring covering around. It is also a durable and slip-resistant flooring choice. If you are looking for a classic and professional look to the gym floor with superior protection, e.g., to the wood or tile floors, this is the way to go. They will transform the gymnasium’s look and feel as there are no wrinkles that occur with other floor coverings. With a carpeted surface on the tile, the concern of people slipping is non-existent. The tiles are designed to provide for many years of protective beauty. They are cleaned and put back in storage, looking great as new until the next use.

Even when other different flooring types are of high quality and easy to set up, the use of adhesive and likelihood of movement and rippling exists to the gym floor. With the use of protective carpet tiles; however, there is no adhesive or tape because the individual tiles’ weight is substantial enough to stay put once positioned next to each other. Other made floor coverings usually require two or three people to install them. However, with carpet tiles, only one person is required to install them. The carpet tiles are usually piled on a large cart, and the installer pulls one off as they lay it on the gymnasium floor. To remove the tiles, the installer needs to reverse the process as they like.

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Rubber roll

Another durable and low-maintenance option of flooring to the gym floor is rolled rubber. It’s like a sound and shock absorber and a floor protector in a package. This is an environmentally friendly material. It is made from a recycled rubber material. Rubber rolls are a cheap and resilient protective option.

The installation of the gym floor is much more involving due to the weight of the rubber rolls. The installation will involve multiple people, and it’s reserved for when high impact protection is required. Its installation involves the laying down of the rubber roll to fit the area that needs protection. The design requires them to lay side by side with little to no space between the rolls. The use of double-sided floor tape or adhesive is required to hold the rolls in place until it’s time to remove them. When the installation takes place over hardwood, a protective paper placed on top of the wood may be desired to prevent chemical reactions between the wood floor’s finish and rubber material.

rolled rubber black roll 1.jpg

Woven poly sheeting

if you fancy a gym floor covering that will be mildew, rot-resistant, waterproof,anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, slip-resistant, durable, and easy to handle, resulting in a smooth finish, get the woven poly sheeting with a range of colors to choose from, depending on what your gymnasium needs. Normally two people can easily cover a gym floor with woven poly sheeting flooring within half an hour. You also only need to clean it with a broom before storage.

What option should I go with?

Despite the flooring protection you like, it is important to consider how and where the flooring will be stored. Get a storage rack. It is one of the great options. Look for one that has wheels to reduce damage to the gym floor by even weight load distribution. This is best as it allows for ease of movement. A durable storage rack should have trays to store any items required to lay or remove the coverings, such as cranks and clips. Visit our home page to see all of our guides and reviews!

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