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Restaurant floors must be easy for staff to maintain and also must be slip resistant so that staff and customers don’t hurt themselves. In the past, restauranteurs used to opt for carpets many times. Remember those Applebees that always had someone vacuuming the carpet?

Some restaurants opted for a carpeted floor but as options have expanded, the restaurant industry has changed with it. Keep reading to find out what floors are best for restaurants and also the difference between restaurant floors and other types of floors.

Restaurant floors bring a feeling for diners into the room

You can have rustic floors, industrial, or even marble floors. Depending on the choice, you will be shaping the look and feel of your restaurant based on the flooring choice. Many restaurant owners have opted for a stained concrete look or polished concrete which essentially brings out the natural look of the concrete and makes it more appealing in a very rustic fashion. Epoxy is another good choice because it can be colored however you want. Carpet is difficult to maintain and can cost more in the long run just based on maintenance fees. No matter what style you choose based on how you want to position the dining room, we suggest going for something that is very hard-wearing so you won’t have to replace it every few years.

decorative concrete on restaurant floor giving rustic look
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Flooring for Restaurant

Typical Restaurant Flooring Needs

It’s important for the floor to be Slip Resistant, Extremely Durable, Easy to Clean, Scratch Resistant, Hard.

Best Floor Options For Restaurant spaces

Quartz Epoxy, Mortar Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Self Leveling Epoxy, Moisture Vapor Barrier, Floor Mats

Difference between Restaurant and Kitchen

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